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VI Unleashing Unseen Talent: My Incredible Experience at the Paradise 48 Film Festival!

Updated: Apr 28


I attended my first Film Festival this weekend: the Paradise 48 Film Festival. The Virgin Islands has some very talented creators. Come experience the Screening and Award Show with me. Learn about the judges, the teams, and the winners. Registered teams have only 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, and score an original short film. It's intense, it's exciting, and it's all happening right here in the US Virgin Islands!

Check out the YouTube video:

Although I can't claim the rights to the films screened, I will say that the turnout this year was something else. The packed Prior Jollek Hall at Antilles School didn't have enough seats for all of the eager festival-goers. The live music from Ruby, Sherwin Williams, and friends was a great touch, as was the red carpet hour and Trivia corner.


But the real stars of the show were the films themselves. These 10 short films were nothing short of phenomenal, with great storylines and plot twists that left me floored. Not to mention, it was pretty cool to see familiar spots throughout St. Thomas, St. Croix, BVI, and other parts of the Virgin Islands on-screen.

Top 10 Finalist Film Trailers:

📽️ "Hitch" - Luminari -

📽️ "Live Prey" - Team Faktornize

📽️ "Rose" - Phillips Philms

📽️ "High School No Musical" - GRVSNDfilms

📽️ "Defeat" - Blue Tarp

📽️ "Emerland Experiment" - Soundstage VI

📽️ "Tales from the Third Pillar" - DeVision Media

📽️ "The Fisherman's Wife" - Story Over Standards

📽️ "Maria" - Key Visuals

📽️ "Kante" - The Redemption Team

My favorites were "Rose" by Phillips Philms, "Hitch" by Luminari, "Defeat" - by Blue Tarp, and "The Fisherman's Wife" by Story Over Standards - but honestly, they were all incredible.

Award Categories & Winners

And let's not forget about the Award Categories and Winners. Congratulations to all the awesome participants, your hard work certainly didn't go unnoticed.

Best Cinematographer - "Rose" - Phillips Philms

Best Score - "Hitch" - Luminari

Best Screenplay - "Rose" - Phillips Philms

Best Film Editing - "Hitch" - Luminari

Best Director - "The Fisherman's Wife" - Story Over Standards

Best Actor - Khalarni Rivers "Hitch" - Luminari

Best Actress - Yashamay David "Rose" - Phillips Philms

Fan Favorite - "Hitch" - Luminari

Best Picture - "Rose" - Phillips Philms

Pictures from Paradise 48 Film Festival


Follow Paradise 48 Film Festival for more information at:


After Party was held at Victor's New Hideout for both the NBA Legend Nick Claxton and the Paradise 48 Film Festival for $20 featuring Blind Earz, DJ General Kuntry, and Joka de Baddest.

So, if you're looking for a great time and some seriously talented filmmakers, be sure to check out the next Paradise 48 Film Festival. You won't regret it!

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