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French Montana Rocks the 2023 King of the Wing: A First-Timer's Experience

Updated: Mar 3


I attended my very first King of the Wing this weekend. It was the 12th Annual King of the Wing event featuring French Montana. Be sure to check out the video and like, comment, subscribe, and share!

Free Shuttle

The King of the Wing offered a free shuttle service this year from the Fort Christian Parking Lot. This factor alone was my deciding factor to attend. In the past, I've heard many stories about the traffic, vehicles being towed, and difficulty finding parking. I skipped all of that by taking the shuttle.

Free Shuttle Sponsored by Keswick Insurance
Free Shuttle from Fort Christian Parking lot

Grateful for the nice free safari ride to and from Magen's Bay. There sure was little to no parking and lots of traffic. Magen's Bay charged $5 for entry. When it was time to leave, the shuttle was right there waiting. It was all smooth sailing in my book and very convenient!


Every booth had wings of various flavors, sizes, and colors. Tickets first had to be purchased to get wings. I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of booths to choose from however, I got some delicious "Coconut Cruzan Pineapple" wings from the Hot on the Spot booth. Congratulation goes out to WAPA for winning both the Best Non-restaurant and the Best Overall categories at the King of the Wing. Kudos to the judges for sampling all those wings.

Fun for everyone

I was very happy to see that not only were the Adults having a good time but that the kids were entertained as well. There were a few bouncy houses and stuff to make enormous size bubbles (see the video). I met one young man by the name of Kingston who is featured in the book called "Kingston's Beach Adventure" and his mother Ebony "Fancie" Miller the author. Was able to purchase his book and it will soon be featured on my Youtube Story Time Series. The book is complete with reading, fun, and education activities. Be sure to tune in. For information follow @kingstons_paradise or call 340-725-1365.

In addition to the kids, the adults had fun activities also. One in particular was called Dunk Tank. Folks were eager to participate as the person being dunked talked a lot of trash which riled them up. All proceeds went to support the VI Children's Museum. If you didn't have good aim, that was ok too, you could pay $20 and press the dunk button. 🤣


The DJ got the crowd warmed up for French Montana with a few hits. French Montana came out and did his thing. The crowd grew within the blink of an eye.


Lessons learned

Next year will get a hydration pack to walk with more water, a cooling cloth (although few booths were handing out free cloths 🙌🏾), beach shoes for the sand, and a better hat. For more pictures visit my Facebook page. Walk with cash (however at least one booth took cards). As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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