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Adults Parade 2024 - St. Thomas Carnival Vibrant Revelry

Updated: 6 days ago


Main Street St. Thomas was pulsating with energy as the 2024 Carnival unfolded, and boy, did we soak it all in! The St. Thomas Adult Parade, in particular, was an explosion of colors, music, and pure Caribbean vibe.

We thought we came prepared to conquer the day blazing hot day armed with our trusty chairs, we staked out the perfect shady spot along the parade route, two power banks to keep our devices charged, and then boom realized I forgot my hydration backpack home. Our luck turned when fellow onlookers shared cold bottles of water. It's moments like these that make me cherish our VI community even more.

Check out our snapshots from the event below, and stay tuned for the upcoming video!

As we made our way through the throngs of people, we were treated to a spectacle like no other. From the flamboyant costumes to the infectious rhythms of the music, every moment was a feast for the senses. While the Mocko Jumbies may have been in short supply, the parade more than made up for it with its eclectic mix of troupes, live artists, and traditional Indian performances.

Stay tuned as we bring you even more highlights from the St. Thomas Adult Parade 2024, including a video capturing all the vibrancy and excitement.

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For more videos of St. Thomas 2024 Carnival Videos, check out this playlist.

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Great content!! Thank you for documenting VI Culture!!!

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