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Morning Star is now Bouy Haus

Updated: Mar 3


Experience the Splendor of Bouy Haus in under 3 minutes – Frenchman's Reef's Iconic Location

Morning Star Frenchman's Reef is now Westin Bouy Haus! In this quick video tour, we take you through the stunning exterior of Bouy Haus and highlight its unique design elements. From the beautiful artwork on display to the vibrant decor and wheelchair accessibility, you'll be amazed by the perfect blend of history and modernity.

Frenchman's Reef is known for its breathtaking views and luxurious locations. However, none quite compare to the recently renovated Bouy Haus, now under the brand of Westin.

Bask in the beauty of the Caribbean Sea, snap photos in front of the colorful Bouy Haus, and enjoy great customer service at the cool restaurant. The volleyball, pool, spa, and fantastic accommodations make it a must-visit spot for your next vacation.

Whether you're a potential customer, lead, or just a curious traveler, you don't want to miss out on the chance to explore the magic of Bouy Haus at Frenchman's Reef.


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